Nexus Resell

Our Features

Take a glimpse at some of our most beneficial services.

Release Guidance

Includes sitelists, early links, ATC links,
keywords, variants, resale predictions,
and sell or hold analysis for every release.

Shock Drop Alerts

Early information about shock drops
posted hours before they occur
allowing for preparation in advance.

Free AIO Toolkit

Exclusive access to Nexus Tools, our AIO
Toolkit with various useful tools including
a spoof browser and account generator.

Auto Checkouts

Simply fill out a form for any release and
our team will purchase the item for you
utilizing the best bots on the market.

Bot Rentals

Our partnership with Splash Station allows
our members to have free and discounted
bot rentals for top-tier bots every release.

SMS Alerts

Text message notifications for shock
drops and urgent information
instantly delivered to your phone.


Our expert support team is always
ready to lend a helping hand and answer
any questions you might have.

Lowkey Flips

Quality posts of random resell items
ranging from art collectibles to sports
cards for easy money on the side.


Discounts on the best proxies along
with groupbuys for useful tools and
bots to help get you an edge in this game.

Sneaker Investments

Detailed and accurate sneaker investment
calls by our experienced team along with investing advice like no other group.

Bot Flipping

Accurate bot flipping calls based on
market trends along with bot
restocks alerts and guides.

And More

We have many more features including
brick flips, card flips, legit checks,
in-house reshipping, and giveaways.

Fastest Monitors

High quality monitors covering 200+ sites at lightning speeds.

Our monitors watch over all major and lowkey retailers 24/7 for all drops and restocks, ensuring our members never miss out on any hyped and profitable releases.
Our monitors are equipped with ATC Links which automatically adds the product to cart and proceeds to checkout, allowing for the fastest manual checkouts possible.
Our quick task dashboard allows members to set up quick tasks for over 25 unique bots along with autofill, saving seconds from the checkout process.

What Makes Us Different

Here are some of our most unique qualities that separate us from the rest.


Answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Nexus Resell is a premium Discord reselling group providing the highest quality resources and information to assist our members with maximizing their profits from the reselling industry. We cover how to cop and successfully resell everything including shoes, streetwear, collectibles, bots, and much more.

If you are looking to maximize your profits from reselling, our group will immensely help you in achieving that financial goal through our services. If you are still in question about joining, check out our success on Twitter @NRSuccess to view our immense member success.

We support all major regions including the United States, Europe, Canada, and Asia. We have specific monitors for all regions along with global information and support.

You do not need any high-level experience or bots to succeed in our group. Our group takes pride in being beginner-friendly and assisting new members, no matter the level of experience, and ensuring all of our members find success within our group.

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